Basic website package

  • A blog so you can easily add, edit and delete content yourself
  • Pages for text and images that change less frequently
  • A contact form for visitors to contact you
  • Links to your social media profiles
  • Buttons allowing users to share your site on social media
  • Responsive design to ensure the site appears and functions perfectly on all current devices and screen sizes
  • Protection against hackers, spammers, phishing, viruses, etc.
  • Training on how to use the blog, how to edit pages, etc., with a written user guide

Premium options

  • Keyword selection and Search Engine Optimization (SEO) to improve site ranking in search results
  • Secure online shopping cart integrated with a payment gateway
  • Bilingual/multilingual site with language switcher and translation management
  • Electronic newsletter with subscription form
  • Event calendar
  • Display your Facebook timeline, Twitter feed, etc. on your site
  • Automatically publish new posts on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.
  • Google Analytics to understand your visitors and improve conversion rates
  • Additional functions and custom layouts
  • Select, purchase and configure new domain
  • Set up web hosting
  • Create email addresses at your domain
  • Logo design/redesign, design letterhead and business cards, etc.

Post-launch support

  • Website administration: Security monitoring, regular site maintenance & backups.  Highly recommended.
  • Content management:  Adding, editing & deleting content as needed.  Optional.
  • Additional training.  Optional.